“As the world changes ... not only have the options to reach consumers increased exponentially, but also the universe of competition.” - Anonymous

Welcome to Touchstone Limited


Touchstone Limited is a foremost brand strategy and marketing communications company that started operations in Lagos, Nigeria, in 1997. Established with a vision to dream, to create, to excel and a driving mission to support clients, and their brands, to be more successful, Touchstone has been providing branding and integrated marketing communications solutions to meet changing needs for many organisations across sectors. We are a full service agency member of the Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria (AAAN).

Our Vision

Our Vision

To dream, to create, to excel.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To support our clients and their brands, to be more successful, by providing integrated marketing communications solutions to meet changing needs.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

To tell a brand’s story across platforms by identifying and communicating a Dominant Value Point (DVP) for the brand in all our audience engagement efforts.

For almost two decades we have supported our clients and their brands.

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