7 Personal Effectiveness Skills

During our weekly Winstone Academy session, the topic – 7 Personal Effectiveness Skills was discussed and we talked about how each skill is useful to building an individual which in turn also builds up the company. An example is if a company has 7 personal effective staffs, the company has the chance to scale up 7x when those personal effective skills are used and applied to the business, so it’s a win-win situation.

7 Personal Effectiveness Skills

Here are some skills that will greatly increase the efficiency of any person who owns them:

1. Determination

It allows you to focus only on achieving a specific goal without being distracted by less important things or spontaneous desires. It may be developed with the help of self-discipline exercise.

2. Self-confidence

It appears in the process of personal development, as a result of getting aware of yourself, your actions and their consequences. Self-confidence is manifested in speech, appearance, dressing, gait, and physical condition. To develop it, you need to learn yourself and your capabilities, gain positive attitude and believe that by performing right actions and achieving right goals you will certainly reach success

3. Persistence

It makes you keep moving forward regardless of emerging obstacles – problems, laziness, bad emotional state, etc. It reduces the costs of overcoming obstacles. It can also be developed with the help of self-discipline exercise.

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4. Managing stress

It helps combat stress that arises in daily life from the environment and other people. Stress arises from the uncertainty in an unknown situation when a lack of information creates the risk of negative consequences of your actions. It increases efficiency in the actively changing environment. It requires problem-solving skills.

5. Problem-solving skills

They help cope with the problems encountered with a lack of experience. It increases efficiency by adopting new ways of achieving goals when obtaining a new experience.

6. Creativity

It allows you to find extraordinary ways to carry out a specific action that no one has tried to use. It can lead to a decrease or an increase of costs, but usually the speed of action is greatly increased when using creative tools. It requires the ability to generate ideas.

7. Generating ideas

It helps you achieve goals using new, original, unconventional ideas. Idea is a mental image of an object formed by the human mind, which can be changed before being implemented in the real world.

These are just some, but the most important personal effectiveness skills which make the achievement of any goal easier and less costly.

Source: Learning Mind