Cornerstone Insurance Plc pioneered consumer-centric brand leveraging in the insurance sub-sector ofcornerstonetnail Nigeria. As the most dynamic brand in the sector, Cornerstone parades various innovative products and services specifically designed to accentuate its customer-centrism.


In an industry where market penetration was far below 1% and market acceptance in constant decline, there was a need to continually reinvigorate the brand relevance among growing competition from banks at the advent of universal banking.


The brand value points – dynamism, innovation, customer focus and professionalism- were creatively elevated to build constant activation platforms for market acceptability, using the brand’s array of products. A tactical approach was evolved for the brand communication. This involved engaging market exigencies on need basis, thus creating constant relevance for the brand as the market dictates.


At the dawn of consolidation in the industry, the brand value points, shore up over the year served as a rallying point for investors’ interest and patronage. Despite the increased competition in the industry and the incursion by banks into insurance business, Cornerstone still remains the most vibrant brand in the sector.