Wednesdays are our knowledge days, we dedicate some few hours every Wednesday morning to educate ourselves with what we don’t know so we can improve on the things we know.

During our Winstone Academy session today, we watched a video titled True Gist by Angela Lee DuckWorth Ph.D. It was a TED talk of 2009, link to the video would be available at the end of the article.

She made reference to the Movie titled True Grit a John Wayne classics. She empahized on who the young girl who’s father was killed and how through all odds she got justice for her father.

true grit

Defining True Grit

Definition 1: The tendency not to abandon tasks despite change and obstacles.

Definition 2: Identifying your weakness, putting yourself in an uncomfortable place over and over again until you make progress.

More points about True Grit

  1. It requires consistent pratice.
  2. True grit requires more targeted effort on your weak areas.
  3. Sustaining power or stamina to stay in difficult situations.
  4. Sticking to something until you become a World class professional.
  5. The gritty are not necessarily the most brillant or resourceful.
  6. Consistent pratice can take you anywhere

“80% of success in life is showing up” – Woody Allen

Link to the full video on YouTube: